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Welcome to our Online Store!

Click on the circle links below to visit the stores pages 

Select produce from our current weeks availability.


Order, Prepay Online & Pick up at one of our weekend Market locations. 

Order deadline for Market pick up every Friday by 3pm.

Look for list updates from the field harvest starting on Thursday.

Conveniently Pay for a CSA Share online.


Please fill out an application on the Sign up page before paying.


Sign up/Login and select produce from our current weeks availability often offered at a discounted

(bulk wholesale)


$50 Minimum purchase for a single home/work delivery.

Order deadlines:

9am Monday for Tuesday Delivery

or 9am Thursday for Friday Delivery.

Look for list updates from the field harvest starting on Friday.

Community Wholesale and how it works...

At this time, we are only fulfilling wholesale deliveries of $50 or more in reasonable bulk quantities offered. There is no delivery fee, just a minimum. 

With that said, we are encouraging individuals to coordinate within their communities to collectively put together an order of $50+ which can then be packed together in 1 shared groups order and deliver to the group's 1 preferred location.


This special online store is designed, best it can, to act as an basic platform for convenient group ordering, easy online prepay, and provide quick access to our weekly availability -as it does change frequently. Once a member account is created for the Farm Store, multiple members of a group can log in, coordinate/ place orders and prepay for them online.

*Note* The shipping address should be consistent for the group shared delivery site and we also recommended to choose a location with full shade. That way if no one is there to receive at the time of delivery, the produce will avoid the afternoon sun exposure!

As for packaging, when manageable we will offer packing options for convenience and conservation. All orders will arrive boxed and bagged, if needed or preferred, in optional bulk or individual packed sizes for your groups convenience.

Our delivery schedule is every Tuesday and Friday, generally between the hours of 1-5pm. Ordering deadline is at 9 am on the day prior to the schedule delivery day (ie: Monday at 9am for Tuesday delivery, Thursday at 9 am for Friday Delivery).  

Thank you for your continued interest and support in our local farms!

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