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Our Growing Practices

     Since the beginning, Sweet Leaf has been committed to using 100% organic practices, managing our fields without the use of synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. We promote long term soil health by adding compost, organic amendments, cover cropping and rotating our crops by family in 4-5 year rotations. We are committed to growing a good selection of heritage and heirloom seed varieties and of course we never use GMO seeds!

Meet the Farmers


     While beginning to learn the ropes apprenticing at other area farms, Dave Sullivan began messing around with growing vegetables to provide produce for his festival food booth (what is now Sweet Leaf Café) in the mid 90’s. Dave's love for both farming and serving up fresh meals to the masses began to grow.  Sweet Leaf's mission to build and celebrate community though responsible local organic agriculture blossomed, long before the Northwest “Farm to Table” movement even had a name. The farm began to grow in size every year, providing fresh produce for our food booth, while simultaneously growing for the fresh market side of our business, serving regional restaurants, farmers markets and health food stores.

     In 2000 Dave joined forces with his former farm co-worker Teodulo Jimenez, over the next handful of years the farm soon became a year-round local viable food source, evolving in Sweet Leaf’s shoot from the hip style. Over the next handful of years Sweet Leaf toned down their action-packed festival schedule and began focusing on local food production. This focus led to increased

farming acreage, more hoop houses for year-round crops and the birth of

The OG Corner Market. This in-town farm stand opened its doors in 2008 to the Eugene neighborhoods. Penny Tyrell, Dave’s partner in crime, has helmed The Corner Market ship since the start and has been dedicated to sourcing and featuring the best of our areas local organically grown produce and other local high-quality farmed food products including meat, dairy, honey, dried and processed goods.

      With a shared passion for growing food, working with the seasons and most of all getting our hands dirty Dave teamed up with Chelsea Clancy, the missing link as our farm crew likes to call her. Together, Sweet Leaf has forged ahead pumping out clean fresh produce and rocking out its café at NW festivals, continuing to solidify its business as an Oregon institution in the local sustainable organic food movement.

Sweet Leaf

Organic Farm

Farm office: (541) 998-3029


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