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What is a Farm Cropshare or Community Supported Ag?

A CSA or as we like to call it, a Cropshare, is a symbiotic relationship between a regional community and their local farms. Members pre-purchase a share of the harvest and in return receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables picked at their peak of ripeness and flavor. The arrangement guarantees the farmer financial support in the “off season,” while providing food security for the community of eaters who are invested in the success of their local food web. Supporting local small farms who, in the age of big ag, have the acute ability to maintain healthy conscious practices in a tangible way promotes local food security and aids to preserve the last of our farm land for our future generations.

History of a CSA 

The CSA concept was first developed in Japan in 1965. The idea blossomed from a group of women concerned with pesticide use, the increase in processed and imported foods, and the corresponding decrease in the local farm population. They called it “Teikei” which translates literally as partnership or cooperation, and philosophically as “food with the farmers face on it”, or face to face agriculture. The first CSA’s appeared in the U.S. in New England in 1986. Now there are over 4,000 CSA’s in North America.

Why Sweet Leaf?

     Sweet Leaf’s has been nourishing the Eugene and Portland communities for over 20 years. With fertile sandy soil, a few acres of cold frames and a well seasoned highly skilled farm crew, your household will be assured a diverse weekly bountiful box of vegetables and fruits of the highest quality. Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount at our farmer’s markets and 5% in-town farm stand, The Corner Market. This location also offers flexible pick-up day times for weekly boxes. 

     We have committed our life’s work to properly stewarding our land and preserving our precious Willamette Valley River bottom soils for future generations. We are looking forward to strengthening the connection between the community (you) the farm (soil) and the farmers (us).


Calling all food preservers!!

In addition to your weekly box,

Sweet Leaf wants to pass down the abundance of the season to our members and fellow food processors. When we have a bumper crop or excess harvest our members will be the first to partake! Expect discounted cases of, for example; cabbage or beets for kraut making, tomatoes for sauce, basil for pesto winter stock and optional add-ons.

When it comes to fruit,

we understand a CSA isn't quite the treasure without the fruit.

To meet this demand we like to support our other local organic farmer friends throughout the season by supplementing with their fruity offerings; such as Peaches, blueberries, apples, cranberries & more.

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Sweet Leaf's Cropshare Breakdown

Boxes include 7-10 varieties of vegetables and/or fruit. A new veggie for everyday of the week.

Main season: Our season runs 22 weeks, Half Share is 11 for those shares on a bi-weekly schedule.

Season Extenders:  Start early in May with 4 Early Spring weeks or add on 4 November Harvest weeks

The Complete Season: WE ADDED 2 MORE WEEKS! Shares include both Season Extenders. Full Share runs 30 weeks, Half share runs 15 weeks.

2022 CSA delivery calendar. Half share options: week A/B

Portland & Corner Market Pick up Schedule is Wednesday of each date listed below.

Current drop site locations

Weekly Eugene Pick up days: Tuesday estimated drop times 10-3pm.

Eugene Corner Market Pick up: Wednesday, leisurely pick up hours/days of the week. Boxes arrive at 3p on Wednesday & store in cooler. Pick up any time store is open, Wed- Sat.

Eugene Weekend Pick up: choose the Saturday Downtown Farmer's Market as your pick up location.

Weekly Portland Pick up days: Wednesday estimated drop times 10-2pm.

Weekend Portland Pick up days: choose Sunday at the Milwaulkie Farmers Market

Home deliveries are available for an extra cost, estimated $8/delivery week to Eugene area.

Up to 2 Cancellations made during season will be exchanged for credits at our local markets, online member store.


The best payment option for the farm is for you to pay with one single payment as it gives the farm an early season income stream to purchase seeds, building materials and other essential resources to get the season started.


Options include:

1)  One Upfront payment (farm preferred)

2)   Split pay installment plans; pay half now, half by Aug. 1st

 3)   Weekly Recurring payments via online store, credit/debit card only

We offer a 10% discount for Senior Citizens

& 5% low-income families

We currently accept EBT payments in person

at our Farmers Markets Booth & The Corner Market.

If you are interested in any of our discounts, split payment plans,

 Cash/Check/Venmo/EBT transactions

Email to make arrange.

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Eugene/Springfield Area

Portland Area

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